All Charities Raffle

All non-profits with a connection to West Sacramento are eligible to sell All Charities Raffle Tickets. Complete the registration form and bring with you to pick up tickets starting on August 19. Your organization must have a non-profit tax ID to participate!


Sell the tickets for $10 each. Make sure you keep the ticket stub with the name and contact information for the person buying the tickets. Return ticket stubs and unsold tickets by October 10 to Omega Machine & Tool. The ticket drawing is on October 18 at the VFW Ladies Auxiliary Dinner.


When you return the ticket stubs and unsold tickets, bring a check made out to the West Sacramento Foundation for the total amount of tickets sold. (We can't accept cash or individual checks.) WSF will present your organization with a check for 85% of dollar amount of tickets your group sold.


Ticket pick up and drop off is Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. Please call 916-372-6001 with questions.

Omega Machine & Tool Inc.
2949 Promenade Street #100
West Sacramento. CA 95691