West Sacramento Foundation Awards $10,000 in Emergency Grants

Funding to assist YCCA and Meals on Wheels Yolo County services in West Sacramento. Also announces updates to annual community grants program and All Charities Raffle.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and an urgent need to support West Sacramento non-profits delivering crucial services, the West Sacramento Foundation made two emergency grant awards, totaling $10,000.


The Yolo County Children’s Alliance and Meals on Wheels Yolo County will each receive $5,000 to directly address the food, nutritional, and basic needs of vulnerable West Sacramento families and individuals. Each organization has seen an increase in the need for their services and taken on additional responsibilities in our community as the pandemic has placed more people at greater risk and shelter in place restrictions have curtailed their routine operations. Both organizations have also been encouraged to use the funding to support West Sacramento businesses.


“The West Sacramento Foundation has served the people of our community for over thirty years. In that we’ve never seen a health and economic crisis like the one currently facing local families, senior citizens, and our small businesses. We were pleased to be able to support the Yolo County Children’s Alliance and Meals on Wheels Yolo County at this time and help them extend their reach in West Sacramento,” said Board President Nathan Dietrich.


The West Sacramento Foundation remains committed to continuing our annual community grants program and All Charities Raffle this year, albeit with extended deadlines. Extending the deadlines will ensure local organizations have enough time to submit applications to address their most pressing needs and organizations that sell raffle tickets will have additional time to sell tickets and raise additional funds for their use.


“Thanks to the generosity and support from our local community since before incorporation, we are able to provide a little relief to those who are doing such an amazing job getting much needed food and basic staples to those hit the hardest by this situation.  If you would like to help, and are unsure how to go about it, please continue to support the West Sacramento Foundation which has historically supported those non-profit associations that directly benefit the citizens of West Sacramento.” said Board Vice President and All Charities Raffle Committee Co-chair Jeff Henry. 


The community grants program will be awarding at least $20,000 in grants in 2020. Eligible organizations must be registered 501(c)3 organizations that directly benefit the residents of West Sacramento. Grants usually are awarded in the range of $150 to $2,000. In 2019, more than 15 local organizations received a grant. The 2020 application period opened in March and will be extended with a new timeline announced shortly.


The All Charities Raffle is a way for local groups to raise money for themselves. The Foundation board of directors assembles prizes and prints the tickets. West Sacramento nonprofits sell tickets for $10 each and earns $8.50 for each ticket sold. The remaining $1.50 goes back to the Foundation to cover costs and help build next year's grant pool. In 2019 local organizations raised over $75,000 for themselves and ticket sales resulted in a grants pool of approximately $20,000. Typically, ticket selling begins in August. With social distancing requirements likely making ticket selling more difficult, a revised timeline will be announced soon. It is still our expectations that the tickets will be sold and winners announced before the end of 2020.


The Foundation continues to raise funds for local non-profits and is soliciting prizes for the All Charities Raffle. For more information about the West Sacramento Foundation or to make a tax-deductiblecontribution, please click the Donate Now button at the top of the page or mail a check to the PO box at the bottom of the page. 


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